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How to Resize a Ring: 3 ways to do it

how to resize a ring

1. Sizing Beads

ring bead 2
ring bead

You can see in the photo that two sizing beads are added to the ring. These metal beads sometimes called “ring bumps” are typically made of sterling silver. They are soldered on the inner side of the ring.

Sizing beads provide the space necessary to push a ring over your knuckle but help it stay in place at the base of your finger. For most people, this option solves the problem of a spinning engagement ring that feels tight around the knuckle.

Sizing beads can be small or large. They are, however, not the most comfortable. The cost is around USD30 to USD40. If the sizing beads are large, it may even be visible affecting the ring’s overall aesthetics.


2. Coil Spring insert (Spiral Silicone Ring Size Adjuster)

Coil Spring insert (Spiral Silicone Ring Size Adjuster) 2
Coil Spring insert (Spiral Silicone Ring Size Adjuster)

Another common sizing solution is to add a plastic coil to the ring – these are inexpensive and can be ordered online. 

Coil spring inserts are a popular type of spring insert commonly used in rings. They look very much like phone cords. These inserts are made from a coiled plastic designed to provide a flexible yet supportive base for the ring. The elasticity of the cord and slight spongy material allow it the flex with your finger’s natural movement. It’s more comfortable compared to sizing beads as it distributes pressure evenly across the finger.

It comes in different sizes and thicknesses, you can cut it to your ideal width with a pair of scissors, making them suitable for different types of rings. 


3. Professional resizing

professional sizing11

Your jeweller can cut away a small part of the shank and connect the ring back with heat, reducing the ring size to the ideal measurement. A ring can be resized up by slightly stretching the shank or by cutting the shank open and adding more gold or platinum. The result will be a perfect finish.

If it is a piece of jewellery that you wear daily hence it is subject to high-impact environment, getting professional help in resizing would be the best choice and can be cost-effective over time.

Pro Tips

If it is a ring that you treasure, do not do anything that will damage or discolor it. Including using glue, wax, tape etc.

Even with professional help, resizing weakens the band and should not be done repeatedly.

Pay attention to security, DIY methods should be for temporary use only due to their strength and resistance to corrosion over time.

More questions on how to resize a ring? Contact us.

If after reading this blog you’re still not sure what to do with your precious gold or platinum ring, check in with La Vie Joaillier for expert guidance and personalized help. We’ll walk you through all your options, from resizing your ring to the various ring sizer solutions until we find the perfect fit for you.

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