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Hand Elements, Personality, Love and Ring Selection

Metal Hand personality

Metal hands [ square-shape palms and square-shape fingers.] Metal hands are similar to Wood Hands but more compact.

metal hand webp

Purposeful, determined and have a strong sense of justice. People with metal hands seem to radiate authority and strength. These people can withstand pressure but like any human, they can also get stressed out when overwhelmed. 

In relationships, people with metal hands know exactly what they want and are attracted to people who are as passionate about justice and equity as they are. They place less emphasis on physical appearance. They may have a tough exterior but actually have a soft heart and would do anything to protect their loved ones.


With Career, they are typically in the caring sector to make others live better such as doctors, nurses, firefighters, lawyers. They often find themselves in positions of power.


Thin graduating diamond bands, three stone diamond rings and ornate settings are most flattering because they draw the eye along rather than across so the attention is put away from the strong knuckles or square fingertips.

Wood Hand personality

Wood hands [ long thin bony palms and fingers with distinctive shape such has knobby knuckles and oblong, rounded fingers.

wood hand webp

Warm, expressive and creative. Can be incredibly nurturing and caring. People with wood hands have an aesthetic discerning eye. Though wood hands are warm and friendly, they can often be quiet and shy. These people tend to be resistant to change.

Wood hands take time to develop love but they put a lot of effort and care into their relationships. They are romantic and would show affection in sweet gestures.

In career, they thrive in jobs that allow time for critical thinking as they have impressive focus and concentration. They often find themselves in artistic and scientific fields.

Graduated diamond bands, three stone diamond rings, layered rings, wider bands or ornate settings are most flattering, drawing the eye along, rather than across, moving attention away from the strong knuckles, accentuating the long thin fingers.

Water Hand Personality

Water hands [ long palms, long fingers] – emotional and caring

water hand webp

Sensitive, emotional and compassionate. People with water hands have big feelings and maybe controlled by their emotions. They are incredibly intuitive and observant. They can pick up on other people’s emotions and intentions. They are adaptive and flow easily through life. They are dreamers, often have amazing ideas but may not take actions to accomplish them.

In relationship, their kindness and attractiveness get them lots of attentions. They are open to meeting people of different nature. People with water hands tend to trust people easily and may get in vulnerable situations or get manipulated.

Many pursue arts become artists and make beautiful creations, designer, make pottery, interior designer, graphic artists, sales and marketing.

Statement rings, ornate settings, layer bands, cocktail rings, wide settings are most flattering. In fact, people with water hands will look great in just about any ring designs as they’re blessed with beautiful long fingers.

Fire Hand Personality

Fire hands [ long palms, short fingers] – passionate and bold

Fire hand

Passionate, confident and bold. They have a strong sense of self and vocal. They love adventure and have a charm and commanding presence. People with fire hands are ambitious and impatient, they rely on their intuition which usually steer them right.

In love, they are passionate and romantic. They often make the first move and the passionate fire may die down over time. The challenge is to keep the flame burning in the long term. Cultivating common interests, keeping a degree of mystery, adding an element of surprise from time to time can help.

Fire hands typically work in dynamic, fast-paced environments. They put their blood, sweat and tears into everything they do. They may be top athletes, tech start-ups.


For them, less is more. Thin eternity band, oval diamond ring, pear shape diamond ring are most flattering for fire hands.

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Earth Hand Personality

Earth hands [square palms, short fingers] – practical and reliable

Earth hand webp

Strong-willed, practical and reliable. They are no-nonsense kind of people. They stick to what they know and can be stubborn. They are kind though and you would turn to them for advice. These people don’t like to sit around. They tend to like the outdoors.

In relationships, they are not the romantic types. They are practical and take a long term view. They don’t ask for anything fancy, just a low-key lifestyle. These people can get stuck sometimes and need spontaneous stimulation from their partners. 

They tend to work with their hands pursuing physical careers such as carpenter, mechanic, chef, hair stylist. These people are hard-working, resilient and strong. They don’t ask for praise and let their achievements speak for themselves.

Thin non-linear design band, pear shape diamond ring, oval shape diamond ring or marquise-cut diamond ring will create the illusion of a longer, slender finger. The curvy silhouette of these shapes will soften the squareness of the earth hands. Bezel setting and 6 prong settings are best for practicality and security when it comes to diamond settings.

Hole Punched Ring 1
ER510 3 900x

Air Hand Personality

Air hands [square palms, long fingers] – curious and analytical

Air hand webp

Analytical, curious and communicative. They need to know everything about everything. They are witty and have their ways to connect with people, easily turning strangers into friends. Their curious nature brings them broad interests.
In love, they are open and free. They like people that can stimulate their mind and expand their horizons. If they are given freedom too, that’d be a match made in heaven.

With their endless thirst for knowledge and love for problem-solving, air hands thrive in scientific, research and creative fields. Anything that allows them to explore the universe or areas of interest.

Wide bands, statement rings, pear-shaped diamond ring, oval-shaped diamond ring or marquise-cut diamond ring are most flattering. The curvy silhouette of these shapes will soften the squareness of the earth hands.

air hand jewellery 2
air hand jewellery 1
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