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What is Clarity in diamonds?

When buying a diamond, understanding what clarity is and how it's graded is essential as it affects how the diamond look and its price. Clarity refers to the presence or absence of blemishes and inclusions in a diamond. Blemishes are imperfections that are located on the surface of a diamond, while inclusions are the internal imperfections located inside of the diamond such as crystals, feathers, pinpoints or clouds.
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The clarity of a diamond is graded on a scale from Flawless (FL) to Included (I3). Flawless diamonds having no visible blemishes or inclusions under 10x magnification. Included diamonds having inclusions that are visible to the naked eye.
Why Does Clarity Matter?
A diamond with a higher clarity grade is more valuable because it is rarer and has fewer imperfections. Higher clarity grade diamond also look more beautiful because blemishes and inclusions block light from passing through the diamond, affecting the sparkle and fire.

Instead of calling blemishes and inclusions imperfections, some gemologists call them external characteristics and internal characteristics. As they are what make a diamond unique. In most cases, they do not affect a diamond’s beauty as they are not visible to the naked eye.
How is Clarity Graded in Diamonds?
The grading is done by a trained diamond grader who examines the diamond under 10x magnification to look for blemishes and inclusions. The grader will also consider the size, location, and type of imperfection when assigning a clarity grade to the diamond.
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